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perforated transparent Plexiglas 21x 29.8 (A4) - the sheet is made of slightly coloured Plexiglas (20% lower absorption) with a hole at the centre - unlike perforated cardboard, the Plexiglas sheet makes it possible to maintain fixation on the target placed at a distance while raising the arms to centre it through the hole. The purpose of the sighting dominance test is to identify the dominant eye and to do this the subject must be able to maintain fixation on the reference target for the entire time the test is being administered. This cannot occur if the perforated cardboard test is used because the structure is opaque and does not allow continuing observation of the target while raising the arms. This interruption leads to fixation of the eyes automatically on the hole and thus, through it, we look “blindly“ for the fixation target. This translates into an increase in the probability of centring with the non-dominant eye, i.e. producing a false positive. (Detailed instructions can be found on the sheet enclosed with the instrument)
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